Long-Range Laser Listening Device

Model AA79106 The Long-Range Laser Listening Device is a highly sophisticated surveillance apparatus that utilizes an invisible infrared laser beam to eavesdrop on a target. This is the most effective long-range laser listening device (laser microphone) in the world that allows the operator to conduct an undetectable surveillance operation on any targeted room with at least one window at an … [Read more...]


Professional Parabolic Directional Microphone

Model AA79100 The Professional Parabolic Directional Microphone is the best parabolic microphone in the world. It is used world-wide for professional remote listening and surveillance, as well as professional audio and TV applications (nature recording, field audio for sports broadcasting, eavesdropping, law enforcement, and espionage). This microphone was designed specifically for listening over … [Read more...]


Secret Service Microheadset

Model AA79126 The Secret Service Microheadset is an invisible two-way communication headset; the smallest wireless headset in the world. Finally released to the public, the secret-service-grade invisible headset is the ultimate communications tool for extreme covert communications operations. It is ideal for security guards, businessmen, actors, magicians, musicians, military and law enforcement … [Read more...]


Personal Sound Amplifier

Model AA79121 The Personal Sound Amplifier is a state-of-the-art listening device producing an adjustable 50 dB gain on sounds picked up from its multi-element high-sensitivity microphone. The multi-element microphone is covered by a protective foam windscreen and mounted in an acoustically engineered sound boom that swivels 180 degrees for maximum directionality. … [Read more...]


Stereophonic Wall Microphone

Model AA79104 The Stereophonic Wall Microphone is a device that allows the user to listen through virtually any solid surface, (i.e. walls), in stereo instead of mono, when access to a room is impossible. It is one of the best stereophonic wall contact microphones in the world. … [Read more...]


Ultrasensitive Wall Microphone

Model AA79101 The Ultrasensitive Wall Microphone is a device that allows the user to listen through virtually any solid surface (i.e. walls), when access to a room is impossible. It is the flagship of our wall contact microphone line and is one of the best available around the globe. … [Read more...]