Oil and Gas Industry


Water Soluble Adhesive

The Water Soluble Adhesive is utilized in conjunction with the Water Soluble Purge Film, model AA97209, which can be used as a purge gas barrier during TIG welding. The Water Soluble Adhesive is applied to inside of pipe. The welder thoroughly coats the entire circumference of the pipe surface where film is to be placed. He then presses glossy surface of the Water Soluble Purge Film against tacky … [Read more...]


Modular Inflatable Bladder System

The revolutionary Modular Inflatable Bladder System is the most innovative and versatile pipe purging system available. It creates an impermeable seal to consume the least amount of purge gas during pipe purging and welding, saving time and money, while achieving consistent, high-quality welds. Manufactured in the USA, this long-term, reusable bladder system enables operators to satisfy a myriad … [Read more...]


Water Soluble Alignment Sticks

Water Soluble Alignment Sticks are the most advanced method for maintaining precise gaps on pipes, plates and flanges as required by AWS codes D1.1 thru D1.6, and API 1101 pipe codes. Made from EPA approved Water Soluble Board, Water Soluble Alignment Sticks are uniform in size and thickness. This guarantees a perfect alignment every time, greatly enhancing a welder’s efficiency, while saving time … [Read more...]


Water Soluble Purge Film

The Water Soluble Purge Film is a completely biodegradable, water soluble purge film that can be used as a purge gas barrier during TIG welding and is a highly effective alternative when total purging is impractical or too costly. Flexible and robust, the Water Soluble Purge Film can be used on stainless, duplex, and chromium steels as well as titanium alloys. Available in 1 x 20 meter rolls … [Read more...]


Water Soluble Soap Stick Tubes

The Water Soluble Soap Stick Tube is an EPA-approved, hollow, spiral wound type of water soluble packaging used to encase a variety of substances including powders, salts, sands, candle wax, detergents and surfactants. One of the most common applications of the Water Soluble Soap Stick Tube is encasing surfactants to release gas from inside wells. Water accumulates in natural gas wells as they … [Read more...]


Oxygen Weld Monitor

The durable, battery powered, self-calibrating Oxygen Weld Monitor accurately measures oxygen concentration with 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution and can be used in MIG and TIG welding. Its internal pump draws a sample and its analyzer quickly provides an easy-to-read digital LED display. Designed for use in high purity welding applications in the field, fabrication shop or construction site, the … [Read more...]


Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Machine and fabrication shops have a tendency to be dirty, dusty and greasy places. Shops are where the work gets done. Welders and pipe-fitters know better than anyone though, that cleanliness is of paramount importance to all welds. As all welders know, weld contamination is a serious concern. Cleaning the pipe before the weld is made is nearly as important as the weld itself. In short, pure … [Read more...]


Aluminum Welding Tape

The Aluminum Welding Tape can be used to seal root gaps while purging, and seal pipe ends for transporting. It has many other conventional uses in the field such as sealing ducts for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, and acting as an excellent vapor barrier. The Aluminum Welding Tape is high temperature resistant and conforms to irregular surfaces. The Aluminum Welding Tape is fully … [Read more...]


Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape

The Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape greatly reduces and can even eliminate the need for back purging. The welding tape is composed of two adhesive areas on the outside edges and a center strip of fiberglass resistant up to 1,022°F (550°C) that is capable of withstanding applications between 300 and 600 Amps. Because the Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape is composed of a flexible fiberglass fabric, it can … [Read more...]


Aluminum Welding Tape

The Aluminum Welding Tape, also known as Purge Gas Retaining Tape, is used to seal the root gap between pipes to trap Argon gas, but in a most innovative way. The welding tape is composed of two aluminum adhesive areas on the outside edges, with an adhesive-free center "zone". The unique design of the aluminum welding tape allows the edges to stick to the area surrounding the root gap on stainless … [Read more...]


Water Soluble Paper and Purge Paper Tape

Wouldn't it be great to find a cost and time saving alternative to traditional purging systems? Conventional purge dams such as inflatable rubber bladders, rubber gaskets, or cardboard discs must be placed far from the weld zone. Remote placement of the purge dams may require large amounts of inert gas to be introduced to fully purify the weld zone, making the use of the conventional purge dams … [Read more...]


Water Soluble Purge Dams

Our pre-formed, self-adhesive Water Soluble Purge Dams enable welders to save time on weld preparation as well as improve project timeliness. Since Water Soluble Purge Dams are pre-formed, there is no need to measure, cut or construct a purge dam. There is no need to buy separate inventories of paper and tape or carry heavy rolls and tools to the job site. The welder simply peels, inserts and … [Read more...]